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Specializing in property situated on the quiet island of Gozo. It is a smaller island than Malta but enjoying the same atmosphere, in a more quiet and laid-back manner. Vast selection of apartments, maisonettes, penthouses and house enjoying features including pool, large terrace, country views and sea views can be found here.

If you are looking for a home where you can escape from the busy living, Gozo might be the right spot for you. Gozo provides a high standard of living, surrounded by country views and enjoys the quality of peacefulness. No wonder famous celebrities also heard about Gozo and purchased their vacation home on this beautiful island.

Where is Gozo?

From Cirkewwa, watching the Gozo Channel ferry is the start of your journey. Crossing the archipelago, aboard the vessel, feels like shedding weight of your shoulders, leaving the busy life and entering in a magical state. Ferries travel every half an hour from Malta, with the choice of going on as a passenger and also in the comfort of your car. One can travel around Gozo using the public transport system easily as everything is close to you, from beaches and country views to urban areas and historical places.

Must Visit Places

Gozo’s capital city, Victoria is surrounded by a sun packed Mediterranean environment. Constructed by the Knights of Saint John in 1551, the historic Citadel (Citadella) situated inside medieval walls that served as shelter from the Turks when in battle. A must visit place in Victoria also known as Rabat.

Ggantija Temples is a Unesco-listed prehistoric site dating back 3600BC to 3200BC. Best preserved and impressive archaeological site on the islands, standing upright longer than the Stonehenge in England and the Pyramids in Egypt

Gozo is also packed by beautiful rocky and sandy beaches, from Ramla bay to Imgarr ix-Xini. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie also put their eyes on Imgarr ix-Xini and couldn’t resist but to film their movie ‘By the sea’ at that spot.

By now, i’m sure you are releasing that Gozo is a gem in the Medetteranian sea, packed with endless activities.

It’s also worth mentioning, the restaurants serving typical Medetteranian and local food and the nightlife at bars situated around the island. You can visit Trip Advisor for some recommendations or just ask the friendly locals.

Every day life in Gozo

Gozo is quiet a safe place, ideal for a tourist, for children and for the ones looking to truly embrace the peacefulness. Traffic is minimal and one can still see children playing on the streets and riding the bicycle freely, something that distinguishes Gozo from other locations, making it the perfect home for the individuals.

Real Estate Market

Reasonably priced property, including, apartments, maisonettes, penthouses, houses and villas can still be found and are very attractive to people planning to stay on the islands. Whether you’re looking for a central place, or a property enjoying the sea views and country views, Gozo might be the location to find that place for a low price.

Since property is still at a low price and tourists keep visiting, buying a property in Gozo is worth considering, and to top it off, it’s a great return of investment opportunity.

 A vast selection of property with features such as pool, country views, sea views and large terrace can be found, and we can help you choose the right property that best fits you. Call us on +35679928217 and schedule an appointment, visiting us in Gozo would be our pleasure.


Bank Loan

Home loans may be obtained from all local banks. We would use our vast experience gained over the years to facilitate the Bank Loan procedure.

Home loan terms and conditions for locals and foreigners

Home loan terms may vary from bank to bank, however, the following terms are more or less standard:

Loans are issued up to 90% of purchase price or completion costs.
Preferential interest rates are available for the first years and for high-value loans.
Monthly repayments can be up to 30% of the gross income.
Flexible loan repayment terms can span 40 years or until pension age.
Banks issue home loans only once your ability to repay it has been established and you will require insurance


Once the Promise of Sale is signed, you will need to provide the bank with the following documents in order to apply for a bank loan to purchase a property in Malta or Gozo:

A recent pay slip and FS3 (Annual Employee Statement of Earnings reconciliation) as evidence of income*An architect’s estimate of the property value
Any building permits and plans (these documents will be provided from A1 Properties)
Records of any existing financial commitments, including credit card debt and any other loans
A photocopy of the applicant’s ID card
A copy of the preliminary agreement
If the person applying for a loan is not already an account holder with the bank, a character reference might also be necessary
A complete life insurance policy is required for any home loan, as is a building insurance policy.
Generally the bank will provide 90% funding, payments are based on 30% of your net combined income and the load term will be a maximum of 40 years up to the age of 65 years.

The standard rate of Stamp Duty is 5%
Gozo – residential properties bought in Gozo qulaify for a reduced rate of stamp duty at 2% as long as the promise of sale is signed and registered in 2017 with the Inland Revenue Department.
There is a new scheme being introduced in the Budget 2018 for second-time buyers, where the stamp duty paid will be reduced by up to €3,000. Also if the buyer is disabled, the reduction will go up to a maximum of €5,000.


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